The Present PromoPoints Program has now expired.

We are working on a new program which will reward returning customers. Keep an eye on this site where details soon will appear.

Discover what’s in it for you and collect points on your next purchase!

What are Promo Points?

Promo Points are points which you earn on purchases from Design A Gift PromotionalWorld.
Usable points are based on the paid up balance of your account. Providing your account is up to date all invoices which have been paid on time are eligible.

What can I do with usable points earned?

1. Redeem them as a discount on a subsequent order or redeem points for a gift card or gift when placing your next order.
2. Save them for an even bigger gift or discount. Remember to use your points within one year after earning them.


How long will this incentive scheme run?

This scheme commenced on 1 July of 2012 and will automatically expire after a 3 year period on 30 June 2015.
All points must be redeemed before 31 July 2015.
Points must be redeemed within one year after earning the points. Any unused points will be lost.


How do I select my gift?

The online catalogue features the many great gifts you can exchange your usable points for. Points are converted to values which translate to gifts.


What sort of gifts are offered?

Chosen for their ability to appeal to a wide range of clients and usefulness in the workplace, at home, or away from home, a range of gift cards and high quality gifts that are sure to pamper and spoil are offered. Some clients/ businesses will find the discount option appealing.


Can I earn Promo Points with any other Promotional Product Provider?

No, Promo Points is a Design A Gift PromotionalWorld initiative and is a customer loyalty and prompt payment incentive scheme for existing and new clients.


Where can I order products to earn points?

All goods on any Design A Gift PromotionalWorld website: or or


When can I begin using my Promo Points?

You can redeem points simply by emailing us your choice of reward or instructing us to apply the discount to your next order.


How do I know how many points I have accumulated.

A Promo Points statement will be sent with invoices, or you can email us for a current PromoPoints pdf statement.


Are all invoices valid?

When the account is up to date, strictly only those invoices which have been paid within the agreed payment term (as on your quote) qualify for PromoPoints. While an account is overdue no PromoPoints are earned.


Where can I get more information?

For more information please email or


PromoPoints is an initiative of Design A Gift PromotionalWorld
Please email for further information